Russ Debunks ‘Streaming Nightmares’, Explains How to Distribute Your Music Digitally Without a Label


On your path to success, it’s important for you to be your biggest supporter and investor. There will be times when you’ll be alone.

You’ll even come across doubters that will try to convince you that your goals are impossible. They’re not always strangers — they could be the ones closest to you.

Visualizing your success is a helpful way to keep you on the right track and your dreams in sight.

Russ built an empire that he was able to see before the fame and his catalogue highlights the importance of ownership.

He “came a long way from 100 views” but Russ makes it clear that he has the skills and business knowledge to hold his own.

In “Do It Myself” he raps about how he doesn’t want to wait around for people to open doors for him. “What They Want” covers his experiences breaking into the industry on a mainstream level after doing it for 9 years.

“But honestly, Papap would be turning in his grave
The day I let someone else become the boss of me
When there’s a boss in me.” – Russ/What They Want

In May 2017, Russ became a platinum recording artist, producer, mixer/mastering engineer, recording engineer, & writer with his song “What They Want.”

Shortly after the release of his debut album “There’s Really A Wolf”, the album was certified Gold by the RIAA.

Independent artists can learn three important things from Russ’ journey.

1. Do Your Research
2. Invest In Yourself
3. Utilize The Resources That You Have

With the internet and sites like TuneCore, artists can get their songs on major streaming platforms, monitor their numbers and reach audiences all over the world without a label.

In an interview with Rap Radar (hosted by Tidal), Russ explained how to avoid ‘streaming nightmares’:

“When you read these articles about streaming nightmares, like so-and-so had a billion streams and only made $99…it’s like, once again, it lacks context.

Why don’t you talk about why they’re only getting $99?…It’s because [of] the deal that they’re in. You can’t just ignore that…I look at my numbers on TuneCore and i’m like hmm…no…that’s not right. I feel great.”

On how to distribute music digitally without a label: “You gotta just look at the deals that people are doing…when we were 17 making songs, we typed into Google ‘How to put your songs on iTunes’…we’ve had a TuneCore since 2011.

These streaming nightmares are just lies. It’s people who are in shitty ass deals with no ownership. It costs 9.99 to upload a song on TuneCore for a year. That $10 investment could make you millions. Go find me a better investment than ten to a million.

TuneCore is a digital distribution platform. You upload a song and you’re on Spotify, BEATS, Tidal, Apple Music, everything — for $10.”

On viral artists: “I would always get super confused when I would see these artists…the ones that would blow up with one viral song…and then you see it on ITunes with a label. I’m like — why didn’t you just have it on TuneCore? You would be cakin’.

It’s lack of education on the field you’re trying to get into which is no one’s fault but your own. I don’t have any sympathy for artists getting taken advantage of. You have the internet, you post on Instagram. Use Google.”

Russ’ debut album ‘There’s Really A Wolf’ is available now.

Check out Part 1 of the Tidal interview below:

Russ on Social Media




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