KAMAU & Nkō Khélí

KAMAU & Nkō Khélí Draw Parallels Between Past and Present in GRā (GReY)

KAMAU & Nkō Khélí have joined musical forces on “GRa” — a song that draws parallels between past and present issues like inequality and capitalism.

“Picking cotton for the slave masters, got a pocket full of slave masters” they sing on the hook. The visuals (directed by: Carlyle Smith, shot by: Scott Surman) display both artists digging up dirt and the lyrical content provides a deeper meaning into the lyrically-charged track.

Washington, D.C. native “KAMAU Mbonisi Kwame Agyeman—which literally means quiet warrior, affectionately called, little brother by his father, has always been a passionate and creative soul” as noted on the official site.

“As a child, KAMAU found daily inspiration within his home” and shaped the organic sound that covers his catalogue. “His love for warrior cultures of the world, universal principle, nature, family and ancestral legacy, are also a part of his musical make-up.”

His 2nd EP, “TheKAMAU-CASSETTE:ŭRTH Gōld” is available now.

Nkō Khélí, “a piece of the mighty RONiN CiRCLE, Flagship of the great iF” is a P.G. Country Maryland native, currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

This innovative artist released ‘#28YearsLater” in August 2017 — a 6-track body of work that displays his unique style.

Lunchtime Quotables:

“Corporate America
Banish the sons/Of the melanin heritage
Catch me a charge/If I look like I tan it up
I been on the run from the law/What they aiming for?
System so flawed/What the taxes be paying for?
Kill us all off/Take the flash and the gold from us
Take the bootstraps/Tell ’em pull themselves up/By the same straps”


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KAMAU & Nkō Khélí Draw Parallels Between Past and Present in GRā (GReY)
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