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Loe Vale Gets Transparent About Life in ‘From The Soul’ (Glasshouse – Ep)

Loe Vale is a Colombian Hip Hop artist from Queens, NY — known for his truthful lyrics and versatile style.

“No more commercial, no more mainstream, just Hip Hop” he announced, before the release of his new EP ‘Glasshouse.’

“This project is my heart. I chose this title because in it i’m being transparent. I’m opening up so you can know who I am, where I come from and where I’m at,” Loe Vale wrote on Facebook, describing the inspiration behind this body of work.

In a video posted on the platform weeks before the release, he described why he removed all of his earlier music from all online digital stores:

“Two years ago when I dropped my last project, I was working with a label. They had me go mainstream, go commercial — never wanted to, but I was with the management.”

Loe Vale is returning to his east coast roots in ‘Glasshouse’ and listeners can expect to hear Boom Bap, lyricism, flow, delivery and more. Glasshouse is available now on ITunes, Apple Music & Spotify.

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Loe Vale Gets Transparent About Life in ‘From The Soul’ (Glasshouse – Ep)
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