Remy Ma Discusses Switching Managers (Replacing Papoose with Vincent Herbert) and Taking Her Career to the Next Level

Remy Ma

Remy Ma is getting ready to release her new album “7 Winters, 6 Summers” and dropped the single and visual for ‘Wake Me Up’ featuring Lil Kim.

Announced in October, she signed a multi-million dollar record deal with Columbia Records and switched managers — replacing her husband Papoose with Vincent Herbert, who has managed artists like Tamar Braxton and Lady Gaga.

In an interview with Wendy Williams, Remy Ma explained what led her to make that decision:

“With my husband by my side, I managed to get two Grammy nominations, Soul Train Award, BET Award, Gold singles, Muliti-Platinum singles, and we did all of that with just us two independently. So now I’m like ‘ok now I want my husband back’…and want to take it to the next level — not because he did a bad job, he did a great job, and he’s always gonna be there.”

She says that although Papoose is no longer her manager, he will always be there:

“Pap looks over everybody’s shoulder. He sees things that I don’t see and he has my best interest at heart so he’s never going to go anywhere.”

Despite the new course of her career, Remy Ma makes it clear that she plans on bringing people that mean the most to her along.

On Fat Joe’s reaction to her album deal + EP’ing her album: “He met me when I was seventeen years old so he was like ‘I see the growth’ [and said] ‘I gotta be a part of it.’ I was like first of all, you’re ep’ing my album, whether you know it or not. He was really honored. I wanted him to know that i’m not cutting you out of the picture at all. You’re my brother, you’re my business partner and we make great music together…I respect his ear. He’s been in the game since 92-93 and he’s still relevant.”


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