Mumble vs. Lyrical: Joey Bada$$ Says That Labeling Subgenres of Rap Will “Restore Balance in the Hip Hop Game”

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As new artists enter the music scene, it has become an ongoing discussion about which ones are truly Hip Hop. The term mumble rap was created to describe artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty. Although Lil Yachty stated in an interview with HOT 97 that he’s “not a rapper,” this did not remove him from the national debate of “mumble rap” vs. lyrical.

Joey Bada$$ has a solution to “restore balance in the Hip Hop game” (Via MONTREALITY):

“We need to point who the officials are. Hip Hop has evolved just like Rock & Roll…There’s many subgenres to Hip Hop now. There’s trap…lyrical rap…conscious…mumble…sing-rap…auto-tune…R&B…all types that derived from Hip Hop.

After we appoint the officials, what they need to do is appropriately label the sub genres. Once we label the subgenres, we are able to restore that balance in the hip hop game — therefore, nobody is left out.

Honestly every artist who works hard for themselves and their family deserve everything thats coming their way.

There’s trap artists whose music to me is really game-changing. Young Thug, Lil Uzi, they’ve introduced a whole different style, if you ask me, to this vast genre of music.

They should receive their credit and shine for that but at the same time you got artists like Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole who are still doing textbook rhyme sh*t…they should be shown the gratitude for that.

We will really maintain order and balance if we can establish what those subgenres are. That way when the awards come up, there’s no one getting overshined or overshadowed.”

What are your thoughts?

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